About Meghan


I was born and raised in New Jersey but now happily call Richmond my home.  With the loving support of my husband, parents, brother, many in-laws, and friends I have been able to pursue a career teaching college students about child and family development.  I truly love seeing my students learn to love talking about children and parenting and take steps towards careers in psychology and education.  I can’t wait to be a mother and to share our love, kindness, and laughter with our children.

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Though our journey to parenthood hasn’t been easy, I am blessed to be on this path with my loving husband and feel that this journey has strengthened our faith and love and confirmed our commitment to our future children.

My favorite things:  FaceTime calls with my niece and goddaughter (she lights up my life!), Dave’s hugs, family vacations, reading mysteries, playing with our pet cats, chocolate, baking for friends and family and my students, the smell of the ocean and feel of warm sand at the beach (and the sound of seagulls), purple, working out with my boot camp sisters, walks in the many nearby parks.


What I look forward to experiencing as a mother:  Hearing our children laugh, creating memories our children will cherish with cousins and hopefully other siblings, seeing our children have a first bite of ice cream (and pizza and macaroni and cheese…), listening to our favorite songs with our children, showing our children how to be kind and generous and loving, taking our children to our favorite vacations places with our family, starting new family traditions and honoring older traditions, reading Harry Potter books with our children, seeing our children figure out passions and talents, and being able to support our children’s dreams.


I look forward to showing our children love, making our children feel cherished and safe, and parenting with Dave to discover how we can help our children become an amazing friend, sibling, cousin, athlete, musician, scientist, leader, doctor, artist, writer … I want our children to see possibilities and to have endless dreams and be passionate, generous to others, and kind.

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